10:30pm -11:45am ish

She’s back at again with the crazy adventures. Buckle up b because we’re about to take a 17 hour flight to Hong Kong. Ideally when arriving in a new country you’ve never been to before where your language isn’t the first language you’d like to get there in the day time i.e. when the sky […]

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Let’s define a mansion shall we A large, impressive house. Chungking Mansions is not large, it is not impressive, it’s not even a house. I KNEW Chungking Mansion was bad when I read a review that said something like ‘I was staying on the 11th floor when the window fell out, when I told them, I […]


I graduated 2 years ago

Ok so you know about the airport, you know about Mr. M, now the sandwich.  So the primary reason I came to Hong Kong was to help my sister get settled into international student life. Most people I know don’t have this luxury. On the first day the schedule for her was orientation, the plan […]

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Ok, let’s pick up from where we left off yesterday. Mr. M. So it’s happened to me a few times on flights before that the seat next to me would be unoccupied. So always hope the flight isn’t fully booked so I can enjoy extra leg room for no extra cost. That wasn’t the case […]

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11:45pmish – 1amish

Welcome back, hope your tea’s not too hot. Sooo, where were we… The Emirates guy made a few ‘calls’ to the plane and told me to wait 10 minutes. Hopeful, I returned to my sister who was standing there with Mr. M and our naked luggage. What I mean by that is that I had […]

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It’s difficult guys when you’re relatively boring to have a blog. I don’t spend every waking in moment in bed but I am not an adventurous mountaineer either (I would like to be both in a perfect world). It is difficult to make an entertaining story out of trip to the supermarket. Well it’s not […]

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My roommate is gone 😮 I think its a little bit weird after three months there’s just silence in the room, not that it was ever noisy. But what it really means is now I can fulfil my dream of jumping on the bed because there’s no one to see me! Now she’s off on the […]

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