Welcome to Australia

24 hours later, after a long, unexpectedly hot flight from London to Doha to Perth, I am in AUSTRALIA (the most difficult country for me to spell). I didn’t know what to expect when I got off of the plane but it was hot. H O T like fire. Coming from the British winter my […]

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It’s difficult guys when you’re relatively boring to have a blog. I don’t spend every waking in moment in bed but I am not an adventurous mountaineer either (I would like to be both in a perfect world). It is difficult to make an entertaining story out of trip to the supermarket. Well it’s not […]

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My roommate is gone 😮 I think its a little bit weird after three months there’s just silence in the room, not that it was ever noisy. But what it really means is now I can fulfil my dream of jumping on the bed because there’s no one to see me! Now she’s off on the […]

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As I said in my post on monday in my usual overdramtic state. I don’t really like Brazilian food. In hindsight, this is an untruth. I like some of it. Depends on what and who is making it I suppose, I guess that’s how most food works. EL OH EL. Oh me and my premature […]

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Oh Mr Ellington!

Thursday night I went to my first Jazz show. I was sooooooo excited prior to, during and after. I don’t think many people know that I lurve Jazz music, lurve it like I do triple chocolate cookies. Apparently it’s for old people so I’ve never gone to see it live because I didn’t want to […]

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My Tummy Hurts

Reckless. Peer pressure. Irrational. Greedy. These are all key words for my behaviour last week.  Last Friday was a food OVERLOAD. Worse than Christmas day. Yet another bank holiday in WA in honour of Anzac day, the Australian equivalent to remembrance day, celebrated on the 25th (which was Saturday, can I point in the rest […]

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Fear of missing out v Joy of missing out My blogging habits are shocking, it has been more than a month since I have posted. Absolutely shocking. This is not align with the resolutions I made in January! Anyway, this is a post I started in March and it is evidently May 1st. My parents […]

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